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Yang Zhang Volatility

Yang Zhang is a historical volatility estimator that handles both opening jumps and the drift and has a minimum estimation error.

We can think of the Yang-Zhang volatility as the combination of the overnight (close-to-open volatility) and a weighted average of the Rogers-Satchell volatility and the day’s open-to-close volatility. It considered being 14 times more efficient than the close-to-close estimator.

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Yang-Zhang Volatility Settings

Yang-Zhang Volatility Chart

The chart shows rolling volatility for selected instruments. Values are annualized.

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Yang Zhang Formula

Yang Zhang Formula
Overnight volatility

 — Overnight volatility

Open-to-Close volatility

 — Open-to-Close volatility

Rogers-Satchell volatility

 — Rogers-Satchell volatility

Number of days in the sample period

 — Number of days in the sample period

Open price on day t

 — Open price on day t

High price on day t

 — High price on day t

Low price on day t

 — Low price on day t

Close price on day t

 — Close price on day t