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SymbolFull nameCategoryInceptionExpense RatioYTD Ret.10Y Ann. Ret.Div. Yield
AAAAXDWS RREEF Real Assets Fund - Class ADiversified PortfolioJul 30, 20071.22%5.30%4.41%3.96%
AAAGXThrivent Large Cap Growth FundLarge Cap Growth EquitiesOct 29, 19991.03%11.99%11.76%8.38%
AASCXThrivent Mid Cap Stock FundMid Cap Blend EquitiesJun 30, 19930.98%11.66%10.31%2.82%
AASMXThrivent Small Cap Stock FundSmall Cap Blend EquitiesJul 1, 19961.07%12.04%10.27%11.49%
AATIXAncora/Thelen Small-Mid Cap FundSmall Cap Blend EquitiesJan 2, 20131.22%12.18%8.08%1.97%
AAUTXThrivent Large Cap Value FundLarge Cap Value EquitiesOct 29, 19990.86%6.53%9.33%5.74%
ABALXAmerican Funds American Balanced Fund Class ADiversified PortfolioJul 26, 19750.56%4.66%8.45%2.20%
ABCVXAmerican Beacon The London Company Income Equity FundLarge Cap Value EquitiesMay 29, 20121.07%4.62%10.35%4.21%
ABYIXAbbey Capital Futures Strategy Fund Class ISystematic TrendJul 1, 20141.79%-0.17%5.49%15.27%
ACAAXAlger Capital Appreciation FundLarge Cap Growth EquitiesDec 31, 19961.15%10.97%8.69%3.98%
ACFOXAmerican Century Investments Focused Dynamic Growth FundLarge Cap Growth EquitiesMay 31, 20060.85%13.45%14.11%0.00%
ACGIXInvesco Growth and Income FundLarge Cap Value EquitiesAug 1, 19460.80%6.62%9.19%11.34%
ACIIXAmerican Century Equity Income Fund Class ILarge Cap Value EquitiesJul 8, 19980.72%2.62%9.47%8.74%
ACMVXAmerican Century Mid Cap Value FundMid Cap Value EquitiesMar 31, 20040.97%6.09%10.91%14.14%
ACSTXInvesco Comstock FundLarge Cap Value EquitiesOct 7, 19680.80%6.04%9.83%12.26%
ACWDXAMG GW&K Small/Mid Cap Growth FundSmall Cap Growth EquitiesNov 3, 20101.00%12.51%10.05%1.82%
ADEIXAncora Dividend Value Equity FundLarge Cap Value EquitiesMay 7, 20191.21%2.79%10.11%1.39%
ADGAXAB Core Opportunities FundLarge Cap Blend EquitiesDec 22, 19991.09%6.48%11.82%10.08%
ADJEXAzzad Ethical FundMid Cap Growth EquitiesDec 22, 20000.99%11.53%9.81%0.05%
ADKSXAdirondack Small Cap FundSmall Cap Value EquitiesApr 6, 20051.43%11.40%8.41%0.00%

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Risk vs. Return Scatterplot

The Risk vs. Return Scatterplot allows you to quickly compare funds, stocks, and ETFs in one view. It displays the yearly return of an instrument on one axis and the risk (volatility) on the other.

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