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SymbolFull nameCategoryInceptionExpense RatioYTD Ret.10Y Ann. Ret.Div. Yield
ABALXAmerican Funds American Balanced Fund Class ADiversified PortfolioJul 26, 19750.56%-11.01%10.08%4.84%
ACIIXAmerican Century Equity Income Fund Class ILarge Cap Value EquitiesJul 8, 19980.72%-5.52%10.60%7.52%
AGTHXAmerican Funds The Growth Fund of America Class ALarge Cap Growth EquitiesDec 1, 19730.61%-27.21%13.65%11.24%
AIVSXAmerican Funds Investment Company of America Class ALarge Cap Blend EquitiesJan 1, 19340.57%-16.04%12.93%8.28%
AMCPXAmerican Funds AMCAP Fund Class ALarge Cap Growth EquitiesJan 5, 19670.65%-27.30%11.56%8.17%
AMECXAmerican Funds The Income Fund of America Class ADiversified Portfolio, Dividend, Actively ManagedDec 1, 19730.56%-6.34%9.89%7.17%
AMRMXAmerican Funds American Mutual Fund Class ALarge Cap Blend EquitiesFeb 21, 19500.58%-6.63%12.33%5.02%
ANCFXAmerican Funds Fundamental Investors Class ALarge Cap Blend EquitiesJan 8, 19780.59%-16.56%13.09%13.18%
ANWPXAmerican Funds New Perspective Fund Class ALarge Cap Growth Equities, Global EquitiesMar 13, 19730.72%-23.97%11.78%9.22%
ARBNXThe Arbitrage Fund Class Institutional-3.09%2.05%0.53%
ARTRXArtisan Global Opportunities Fund Class IGlobal Equities, Large Cap Growth EquitiesSep 22, 20081.14%-28.69%11.66%15.07%
AWSHXAmerican Funds Washington Mutual Investors Fund Class ALarge Cap Blend EquitiesJul 31, 19520.58%-10.52%13.49%6.79%
BAGIXBaird Aggregate Bond Fund Class ITotal Bond MarketSep 29, 20000.30%-9.71%2.37%2.22%
BALCXAmerican Funds American Balanced Fund Class CDiversified PortfolioJul 26, 19751.31%-11.26%8.93%4.05%
BBCPXBridge Builder Core Plus Bond Fund-9.42%2.31%2.60%
BDMIXBlackRock Global Long/Short Equity Fund Class ILong-ShortDec 20, 20121.57%-2.75%2.64%1.26%
BGSAXBlackRock Technology Opportunities Fund Investor ATechnology EquitiesApr 15, 2001.20%-35.48%18.50%12.62%
BGSIXBlackRock Technology Opportunities InstitutionalTechnology EquitiesMay 15, 20000.93%-35.41%18.84%11.91%
BIGPXBlackRock 60/40 Target Allocation Fund Class IDiversified PortfolioDec 21, 20060.43%-19.73%9.15%8.78%
BIMBXBlackRock Systematic Multi-Strategy Class IDiversified PortfolioMay 19, 20150.98%-2.68%2.76%2.70%

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