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Portfolio Analysis

This portfolio analysis tool allows you to backtest portfolio returns, drawdowns, various risk characteristics, and compare them to a benchmark.

What Is Portfolio Analysis?

Portfolio analysis is an examination of an investment portfolio to determine its suitability for a given investor's preferences. It evaluates the ability to meet the investment goals considering risk indicators of the portfolio holdings and their historical performance.


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Portfolio Analysis Settings

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Portfolio Asset Allocation

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PortfolioSharpe Ratio Chart

The Sharpe ratio shows whether the portfolio's excess returns are due to smart investment decisions or a result of taking a higher risk. The higher a portfolio's Sharpe ratio, the better its risk-adjusted performance.

The chart below displays rolling 12-month Sharpe Ratio.

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PortfolioDrawdowns Chart

The Drawdowns chart displays portfolio losses from any high point along the way.

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PortfolioWorst Drawdowns

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PortfolioVolatility Chart

The chart below shows the rolling 10-day volatility. Volatility is a statistical measure showing how big price swings are in either direction. The higher asset volatility, the riskier it is, because the price movements are less predictable.

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