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OC Oerlikon Corporation AG (0QO3.L)

Equity · Currency in CHF · Last updated Sep 23, 2023

OC Oerlikon Corporation AG provides surface solutions, advanced materials, and material processing in Switzerland. The company's Surface Solutions Division segment supplies advanced materials and surface technologies for components and tools used in industrial applications. Its Polymer Processing Solutions Division segment offers solutions and systems used to manufacture manmade fibers that enable customers to produce synthetic fibers. The company provides surface solutions under the Oerlikon Balzers, Oerlikon Metco, and Oerlikon Additive Manufacturing brands; and polymer processing solutions under the Oerlikon Barmag, Oerlikon Neumag, Oerlikon HRSflow, and Oerlikon Nonwoven brands. In addition, it offers engine fan compressors, engine hot section, landing gears, actuation systems, aircraft interior, and hydraulic systems for aerospace; engine and brake systems, transmission, drive train, steering and suspension, exhaust and piping and tubing systems, heat exchanger and EGR coolers, peripherals and design parts, and thermal insulation systems for automotive; and oil and gas, boilers, and hydro, gas, steam, and wind turbines for energy industry. Further, the company offers cutting, metal forming, plastic processing, and die casting for tooling industry; consumer goods, food and packing, engineering, semiconductors, agriculture, metal forming and processing, mining and heavy machinery, and electronics, as well as pulp, paper, and printing for general industry; AM metal powder, prototyping, and series production for additive manufacturing; textile and apparel, functional wear, transportation, packaging, flooring and textile, medical and fiber, and infrastructure for polymer processing; and spine implants, medical, artificial joints, dental and veterinary implants, and surgical and minimally invasive surgical instruments for medical industry. OC Oerlikon Corporation AG was founded in 1907 and is headquartered in Pfäffikon, Switzerland.


Company Info

SectorIndustrial Goods
IndustryDiversified Machinery


Market CapCHF 23.91M
PE Ratio0.14
Revenue (TTM)CHF 2.91B
Gross Profit (TTM)CHF 731.00M
Year RangeCHF 3.87 - CHF 6.84

Share Price Chart

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The chart shows the growth of an initial investment of CHF 10,000 in OC Oerlikon Corporation AG, comparing it to the performance of the S&P 500 index or another benchmark. All prices have been adjusted for splits and dividends.

0QO3.L (OC Oerlikon Corporation AG)
Benchmark (^GSPC)

S&P 500

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OC Oerlikon Corporation AG


OC Oerlikon Corporation AG had a return of -36.41% year-to-date (YTD) and -40.18% in the last 12 months. Over the past 10 years, OC Oerlikon Corporation AG had an annualized return of -13.29%, while the S&P 500 had an annualized return of 3.74%, indicating that OC Oerlikon Corporation AG did not perform as well as the benchmark.

1 month-6.13%-0.01%
6 months-22.94%6.04%
1 year-40.18%7.81%
5 years (annualized)-22.28%3.48%
10 years (annualized)-13.29%3.74%

Monthly Returns Heatmap


Risk-Adjusted Performance

This table presents a comparison of risk-adjusted performance metrics for OC Oerlikon Corporation AG (0QO3.L) and S&P 500 (^GSPC). Risk-adjusted metrics are performance indicators that assess an investment's returns in relation to its risk, enabling a more accurate comparison of different investment options.

Sharpe ratioSortino ratioOmega ratioCalmar ratioUlcer Index
OC Oerlikon Corporation AG
S&P 500

Sharpe Ratio

The current OC Oerlikon Corporation AG Sharpe ratio is -1.56. A negative Sharpe ratio means that the risk-free rate is higher than the portfolio's return. This value does not convey any meaningful information.

Rolling 12-month Sharpe Ratio-1.50-1.00-0.500.000.50AprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptember
0QO3.L (OC Oerlikon Corporation AG)
Benchmark (^GSPC)

Dividend History

OC Oerlikon Corporation AG granted a 9.03% dividend yield in the last twelve months. The annual payout for that period amounted to CHF 0.35 per share.

DividendCHF 0.35CHF 0.35CHF 0.35CHF 0.35CHF 0.32CHF 0.35CHF 0.30CHF 0.30CHF 0.30

Dividend yield


Monthly Dividends

The table displays the monthly dividend distributions for OC Oerlikon Corporation AG. The dividends shown in the table have been adjusted to account for any splits that may have occurred.

2023CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.35CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00
2022CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.35CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00
2021CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.35CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00
2020CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.35CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00
2019CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.32CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00
2018CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.35CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00
2017CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.30CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00
2016CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.30CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00
2015CHF 0.30CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00CHF 0.00

Drawdowns Chart

The Drawdowns chart displays portfolio losses from any high point along the way.

0QO3.L (OC Oerlikon Corporation AG)
Benchmark (^GSPC)

Worst Drawdowns

The table below shows the maximum drawdowns of the OC Oerlikon Corporation AG. A maximum drawdown is an indicator of risk. It shows a reduction in portfolio value from its maximum due to a series of losing trades.

The maximum drawdown since January 2010 for the OC Oerlikon Corporation AG is 96.70%, recorded on Feb 27, 2009. The portfolio has not recovered from it yet.



To Bottom


To Recover



-96.7%Mar 14, 200793Feb 27, 2009
-30.12%May 22, 20062Jun 8, 20066Oct 17, 20068
-7.04%Feb 26, 20071Feb 26, 20071Mar 9, 20072
-3.96%Apr 6, 20062Apr 10, 20062May 2, 20064

Volatility Chart

The current OC Oerlikon Corporation AG volatility is 7.98%, representing the average percentage change in the investments's value, either up or down over the past month. The chart below shows the rolling one-month volatility.

0QO3.L (OC Oerlikon Corporation AG)
Benchmark (^GSPC)