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The Best Global Equities Mutual Funds

The table below compares the performance and other essential indicators like dividend yield and expense ratio of 18 Global Equities mutual funds. Click on any fund in the list to see complete information, including risk and performance analysis.

SymbolFull nameCategoryInceptionExpense RatioYTD Ret.10Y Ann. Ret.Div. Yield
ANWPXAmerican Funds New Perspective Fund Class ALarge Cap Growth Equities, Global EquitiesMar 13, 19730.72%-31.59%9.52%10.24%
ARTRXArtisan Global Opportunities Fund Class IGlobal Equities, Large Cap Growth EquitiesSep 22, 20081.14%-34.43%9.58%16.39%
BSGLXBaillie Gifford Long Term Global Growth Fund Class ILarge Cap Growth Equities, Global Equities0.80%-47.68%10.02%9.77%
CWGIXAmerican Funds Capital World Growth and Income Fund Class AGlobal EquitiesMar 26, 19930.75%-26.93%6.60%9.47%
GLFOXLazard Global Listed Infrastructure Portfolio Open SharesGlobal EquitiesDec 31, 20091.22%-11.22%10.09%8.07%
GLIFXLazard Global Listed Infrastructure Portfolio Institutional SharesGlobal Equities0.97%-11.05%10.22%8.30%
MFWIXMFS Global Total Return Fund Class IGlobal EquitiesSep 4, 19900.84%-19.18%4.70%11.97%
OIDAXInvesco International Diversified Fund Class AGlobal EquitiesSep 27, 20050.42%-34.46%3.84%12.08%
PXWIXPax Ellevate Global Women’s Leadership Fund Institutional ClassESG, Global Equities0.51%-28.25%7.36%2.03%
SGENXFirst Eagle Global Fund Class AGlobal EquitiesJan 1, 19791.11%-17.47%5.25%7.60%
SGIIXFirst Eagle Global Fund Class IGlobal Equities0.86%-17.31%5.52%7.85%
VEIGXVanguard Global ESG Select Stock Fund Investor SharesESG, Global EquitiesJun 5, 20190.56%-22.90%7.60%3.38%
VESGXVanguard Global ESG Select Stock Fund Admiral SharesESG, Global EquitiesJun 5, 20190.46%-22.83%7.70%3.50%
VGPMXVanguard Global Capital Cycles FundGlobal EquitiesMay 23, 19840.36%-9.91%-4.00%3.67%
VHGEXVanguard Global Equity FundGlobal EquitiesAug 14, 19950.45%-29.63%7.93%15.48%
VMNVXVanguard Global Minimum Volatility Fund Admiral SharesGlobal EquitiesDec 12, 20130.14%-12.72%7.04%9.62%
VMVFXVanguard Global Minimum Volatility Fund Investor SharesGlobal EquitiesDec 12, 20130.21%-12.79%7.89%15.78%
WFRPXWealthfront Risk Parity Fund Class WGlobal EquitiesJan 22, 20180.25%-27.00%-3.87%4.22%

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