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The Best Diversified Portfolio Mutual Funds

The table below compares the performance and other essential indicators like dividend yield and expense ratio of 123 Diversified Portfolio mutual funds. Click on any fund in the list to see complete information, including risk and performance analysis.

SymbolFull nameCategoryInceptionExpense RatioYTD Ret.10Y Ann. Ret.Div. Yield
AAAAXDWS RREEF Real Assets Fund - Class ADiversified PortfolioJul 30, 20071.22%-9.00%4.15%4.18%
ABALXAmerican Funds American Balanced Fund Class ADiversified PortfolioJul 26, 19750.56%-10.80%8.65%4.89%
AMECXAmerican Funds The Income Fund of America Class ADiversified Portfolio, Dividend, Actively ManagedDec 1, 19730.56%-5.97%7.60%7.24%
BAICXBlackRock Multi-Asset Income PortfolioDiversified PortfolioApr 7, 20080.81%-10.75%3.97%7.58%
BALCXAmerican Funds American Balanced Fund Class CDiversified PortfolioJul 26, 19751.31%-11.45%7.75%4.13%
BIGPXBlackRock 60/40 Target Allocation Fund Class IDiversified PortfolioDec 21, 20060.43%-20.49%8.11%8.87%
BIMBXBlackRock Systematic Multi-Strategy Class IDiversified PortfolioMay 19, 20150.98%-3.83%2.39%3.61%
BLNDXStandpoint Multi-Asset Fund InstitutionalDiversified PortfolioDec 30, 20191.27%2.31%12.93%5.97%
BRUFXBruce FundDiversified PortfolioMar 20, 19680.68%-7.99%8.86%10.05%
CAIBXAmerican Funds Capital Income Builder Class ADiversified PortfolioJul 30, 19870.59%-6.72%5.83%3.53%
FAAIXFidelity Advisor Asset Manager 70% Fund Class IDiversified PortfolioSep 23, 20080.70%-15.50%7.25%3.25%
FAASXFidelity Advisor Asset Manager 70% Fund Class ADiversified PortfolioSep 23, 20080.97%-15.67%6.68%2.94%
FABCXFidelity Advisor Balanced Fund Class CDiversified PortfolioNov 3, 19971.57%-17.17%8.13%5.04%
FABLXFidelity Advisor Balanced Fund Class ADiversified PortfolioSep 3, 19960.81%-16.58%9.06%5.81%
FAIGXFidelity Advisor Balanced Fund Class MDiversified PortfolioJan 6, 19871.06%-16.75%8.76%5.41%
FAIOXFidelity Advisor Balanced Fund I ClassDiversified PortfolioJul 3, 19950.56%-16.37%9.38%5.94%
FAMRXFidelity Asset Manager 85% FundDiversified PortfolioSep 24, 19990.70%-17.24%8.46%3.80%
FASDXFidelity Advisor Strategic Dividend & Income Fund Class ADiversified PortfolioDec 23, 20030.97%-8.79%8.65%9.22%
FASGXFidelity Asset Manager 70% FundDiversified PortfolioDec 30, 19910.67%-15.47%7.28%3.24%
FASIXFidelity Asset Manager 20% FundDiversified PortfolioOct 1, 19920.51%-8.96%3.19%2.40%

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