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Vanguard ETF List

Here you can find all ETFs issued by Vanguard and compare their essential indicators like expense ratio or rate of return to see which one suits your portfolio best. Click on any item in the list to see complete information, including risk and performance analysis.

SymbolFull nameCategoryInceptionExpense RatioYTD Ret.10Y Ann. Ret.Div. Yield
BIVVanguard Intermediate-Term Bond ETFTotal Bond MarketApr 10, 20070.07%-10.26%2.02%3.42%
BLVVanguard Long-Term Bond ETFTotal Bond MarketApr 10, 20070.07%-21.23%2.67%4.04%
BNDVanguard Total Bond Market ETFTotal Bond MarketApr 10, 20070.04%-10.11%1.53%2.22%
BNDWVanguard Total World Bond ETFTotal Bond MarketSep 5, 20180.06%-8.99%1.02%2.85%
BNDXVanguard Total International Bond ETFTotal Bond MarketJun 4, 20130.09%-7.98%2.28%4.05%
BSVVanguard Short-Term Bond ETFTotal Bond MarketApr 10, 20070.07%-4.24%1.16%1.47%
EDVVanguard Ext Duration Treasury ETFGovernment BondsDec 6, 20070.07%-28.39%1.78%2.73%
ESGVVanguard ESG U.S. Stock ETFLarge Cap Blend EquitiesSep 20, 20180.12%-18.45%11.37%1.20%
IVOGVanguard S&P Mid-Cap 400 Growth ETFSmall Cap Growth EquitiesSep 9, 20100.15%-17.85%11.70%0.58%
IVOOVanguard S&P Mid-Cap 400 ETFSmall Cap Growth EquitiesSep 9, 20100.10%-11.98%12.27%1.32%
IVOVVanguard S&P Mid-Cap 400 Value ETFSmall Cap Blend EquitiesSep 9, 20100.15%-6.16%12.56%1.90%
MGCVanguard Mega Cap ETFLarge Cap Blend EquitiesDec 24, 20070.07%-15.45%14.53%1.41%
MGKVanguard Mega Cap Growth ETFLarge Cap Blend EquitiesDec 21, 20070.07%-24.56%15.86%0.53%
MGVVanguard Mega Cap Value ETFLarge Cap Blend EquitiesDec 21, 20070.07%-2.57%13.22%2.29%
VAWVanguard Materials ETFMaterialsJan 30, 20040.10%-5.63%12.03%1.58%
VBVanguard Small Cap ETFSmall Cap Growth EquitiesJan 26, 20040.05%-14.63%12.14%1.45%
VBKVanguard Small Cap Growth ETFSmall Cap Blend EquitiesJan 30, 20040.07%-24.91%11.36%0.39%
VBRVanguard Small Cap Value ETFSmall Cap Blend EquitiesJan 30, 20040.07%-6.94%12.31%1.88%
VCEBVanguard ESG U.S. Corporate Bond ETFCorporate BondsSep 22, 20200.12%-13.09%-8.04%2.13%
VCITVanguard Intermediate-Term Corporate Bond ETFCorporate BondsNov 23, 20090.05%-12.00%2.95%3.31%

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