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ProShares ETF List

Here you can find all ETFs issued by ProShares and compare their essential indicators like expense ratio or rate of return to see which one suits your portfolio best. Click on any item in the list to see complete information, including risk and performance analysis.

SymbolFull nameCategoryInceptionExpense RatioYTD Ret.10Y Ann. Ret.Div. Yield
AGQProShares Ultra SilverLeveraged Commodities, LeveragedDec 1, 20080.93%-16.72%-18.03%0.00%
ALTSProShares Morningstar Alternatives Solution ETFLong-ShortOct 8, 20140.95%-0.97%1.87%3.18%
ANEWProShares MSCI Transformational Changes ETFLarge Cap Growth EquitiesOct 14, 20200.45%-28.59%-9.54%0.12%
BIBProShares Ultra Nasdaq BiotechnologyLeveraged Equities, LeveragedApr 7, 20100.95%-25.67%15.36%0.00%
BISProShares UltraShort Nasdaq BiotechnologyLeveraged Equities, LeveragedApr 7, 20100.95%-5.18%-34.59%0.00%
BITOProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETFTechnology Equities, Actively Managed, BlockchainOct 19, 20210.95%-63.77%-70.56%0.00%
BOILProShares Ultra Bloomberg Natural GasLeveraged Commodities, LeveragedOct 4, 20111.31%15.10%-43.49%0.00%
BZQProShares UltraShort MSCI Brazil CappedLeveraged Equities, LeveragedJun 16, 20090.95%-45.39%-30.02%0.00%
CLIXProShares Long Online/Short Stores ETFLong-ShortNov 14, 20170.65%-43.28%-4.46%0.00%
CROCProShares UltraShort Australian DollarLeveraged Currency, LeveragedJul 19, 20120.95%4.78%2.83%100.22%
CSMProshares Large Cap Core PlusLong-ShortJul 13, 20090.45%-15.98%12.62%1.50%
DDMProShares Ultra Dow30Leveraged Equities, LeveragedJun 21, 20060.95%-16.93%19.76%0.61%
DIGProShares Ultra Oil & GasLeveraged Equities, LeveragedJan 30, 20070.95%112.69%-1.55%2.17%
DOGProShares Short Dow30Inverse EquitiesJun 19, 20060.95%3.92%-13.12%0.00%
DUGProShares UltraShort Oil & GasLeveraged Equities, LeveragedJan 30, 20070.95%-71.03%-29.19%0.00%
DXDProShares UltraShort Dow30Leveraged Equities, LeveragedJul 11, 20060.95%4.05%-26.62%0.00%
EETProShares Ultra MSCI Emerging MarketsLeveraged Equities, LeveragedJun 2, 20090.95%-41.54%-4.31%0.00%
EEVProShares UltraShort MSCI Emerging MarketsLeveraged Equities, LeveragedNov 1, 20070.95%34.36%-14.79%0.00%
EFADProShares MSCI EAFE Dividend Growers ETFForeign Large Cap Equities, DividendAug 19, 20140.50%-20.72%0.84%3.60%
EFOProShares Ultra MSCI EAFELeveraged Equities, LeveragedJun 2, 20090.95%-31.96%4.40%0.00%

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