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Principal ETF List

Here you can find all ETFs issued by Principal and compare their essential indicators like expense ratio or rate of return to see which one suits your portfolio best. Click on any item in the list to see complete information, including risk and performance analysis.

SymbolFull nameCategoryInceptionExpense RatioYTD Ret.10Y Ann. Ret.Div. Yield
BTECPrincipal Healthcare Innovators Index ETFHealth & Biotech EquitiesAug 19, 20160.42%-15.20%9.35%1.13%
GENYPrincipal Millennials Index ETFLarge Cap Growth EquitiesAug 19, 20160.45%-27.80%11.09%4.81%
IGPrincipal Investment Grade Corporate Active ETFCorporate Bonds, Actively ManagedApr 18, 20180.26%-12.60%2.13%3.62%
PLRGPrincipal US Large-Cap Adaptive Multi-Factor ETFActively Managed, Multi-factorMay 19, 20210.15%-11.21%2.78%2.10%
PLTLPrincipal US Small-Cap Adaptive Multi-Factor ETFActively Managed, Multi-factorMay 19, 20210.19%-9.30%-1.42%2.11%
PQDIPrincipal Spectrum Tax-Advantaged Dividend Active ETFDiversified Portfolio, Actively Managed, DividendJun 17, 20200.60%-6.16%2.67%5.19%
PREFPrincipal Spectrum Preferred Secs Active ETFPreferred Stock/Convertible Bonds, Actively ManagedJul 10, 20170.55%-8.37%2.76%4.37%
PSCPrincipal U.S. Small Cap Multi-Factor ETFSmall Cap Blend Equities, Multi-factorSep 21, 20160.38%-10.31%13.26%1.51%
PSETPrincipal Quality ETFLarge Cap Growth EquitiesMar 21, 20160.15%-13.10%22.32%1.24%
PXUSPrincipal International Adaptive Multi-Factor ETFForeign Large Cap Equities, Multi-factorMay 26, 20210.24%-13.62%-10.61%5.00%
PYPrincipal Value ETFAll Cap EquitiesMar 21, 20160.15%-5.14%16.95%3.27%
USIPrincipal Ultra-Short Active Income ETFTotal Bond Market, Actively ManagedApr 24, 20190.18%-0.72%0.80%1.25%
USMCPrincipal U.S. Mega-Cap ETFLarge Cap Growth EquitiesOct 12, 20170.12%-8.61%12.64%1.76%
YLDPrincipal Active High Yield ETFHigh Yield Bonds, Actively ManagedJul 9, 20150.39%-6.89%4.74%5.74%

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