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Fidelity ETF List

Here you can find all ETFs issued by Fidelity and compare their essential indicators like expense ratio or rate of return to see which one suits your portfolio best. Click on any item in the list to see complete information, including risk and performance analysis.

SymbolFull nameCategoryInceptionExpense RatioYTD Ret.10Y Ann. Ret.Div. Yield
FBCGFidelity Blue Chip Growth ETFLarge Cap Growth Equities, Actively ManagedJun 3, 20200.59%-38.06%3.17%0.00%
FBCVFidelity Blue Chip Value ETFLarge Cap Blend Equities, Actively ManagedJun 3, 20200.59%-13.25%11.22%3.87%
FBNDFidelity Total Bond ETFTotal Bond Market, Actively ManagedOct 6, 20140.36%-14.52%1.36%2.64%
FCLDFidelity Cloud Computing ETFTechnology Equities, Cloud ComputingOct 5, 20210.39%-42.70%N/A0.45%
FCOMFidelity MSCI Communication Services Index ETFLarge Cap Growth EquitiesOct 21, 20130.08%-38.70%4.93%1.33%
FCORFidelity Corporate Bond ETFCorporate Bonds, Actively ManagedOct 6, 20140.36%-18.55%1.34%3.21%
FCPIFidelity Stocks for Inflation ETFAll Cap EquitiesNov 5, 20190.29%-15.80%6.68%1.97%
FDEMFidelity Emerging Markets Multifactor ETFEmerging Markets EquitiesFeb 26, 20190.45%-21.25%-3.66%4.55%
FDEVFidelity International Multifactor ETFForeign Large Cap EquitiesFeb 26, 20190.39%-27.13%-1.73%4.13%
FDHTFidelity Digital Health ETFHealth & Biotech EquitiesOct 5, 20210.39%-32.37%N/A0.00%
FDHYFidelity High Yield Factor ETFHigh Yield Bonds, Actively ManagedJun 12, 20180.45%-15.99%2.58%7.95%
FDISFidelity MSCI Consumer Discretionary Index ETFConsumer Discretionary EquitiesOct 21, 20130.08%-30.62%11.50%0.98%
FDLOFidelity Low Volatility Factor ETFVolatility Hedged EquitySep 12, 20160.29%-18.83%10.64%1.53%
FDMOFidelity Momentum Factor ETFLarge Cap Growth EquitiesSep 12, 20160.29%-22.75%9.64%1.13%
FDRRFidelity Dividend ETF for Rising RatesLarge Cap Growth Equities, DividendSep 12, 20160.29%-20.03%8.98%3.12%
FDVVFidelity High Dividend ETFLarge Cap Blend Equities, DividendSep 12, 20160.29%-15.62%8.59%3.95%
FDWMFidelity Women's Leadership ETFESGJun 15, 20210.59%-26.63%-18.08%0.73%
FENYFidelity MSCI Energy Index ETFEnergy EquitiesOct 21, 20130.08%34.63%0.98%3.74%
FGROFidelity Growth Opportunities ETFGlobal Equities, Actively ManagedFeb 2, 20210.59%-38.36%-24.82%0.89%
FHLCFidelity MSCI Health Care Index ETFHealth & Biotech EquitiesOct 21, 20130.08%-15.15%11.39%1.50%

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