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The Best Volatility Hedged Equity ETFs

The table below compares the performance and other essential indicators like dividend yield and expense ratio of 115 Volatility Hedged Equity ETFs.

Volatility-hedged equity ETFs are a type of exchange-traded fund (ETF) that use various techniques to hedge against volatility in the stock market. Volatility is a measure of the fluctuation in the price of a security or index, and hedging refers to taking steps to reduce the risk of an investment.

Volatility-hedged equity ETFs can hedge against market volatility by using options. For example, an ETF may use options contracts to buy or sell a stock index at a fixed price at a future date, which can provide a hedge against a decline in the stock market.

Volatility-hedged equity ETFs can provide investors with a way to gain exposure to the stock market while reducing the risk of significant price fluctuations. However, it's important to note that these ETFs may not be able to eliminate market risk entirely, and investors should also be aware of the potential for increased costs associated with hedging strategies. Additionally, investors should conduct their research and due diligence before investing in these funds.

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Year-to-Date Return

< 0.0%
> 10.0%

10-Year Annualized Return

< 0.0%
> 10.0%

Sharpe Ratio

< 0.0
> 0.1

Omega ratio

< 0.0
> 0.1

Sortino ratio

< 0.0
> 0.1

Calmar ratio

< 0.0
> 0.1

Ulcer Index

< 0.0%
> 10.0%

10Y Volatility

< 0.0%
> 10.0%

Maximum Drawdown

< 0.0%
> 10.0%

Dividend Yield

< 0.0%
> 10.0%
SymbolFull nameCategoryInceptionExpense RatioYTD Ret.10Y Ann. Ret.Div. YieldMax. DrawdownSharpe RatioSortino ratioOmega ratioCalmar ratioUlcer Index
APRZTrueShares Structured Outcome (April) ETFVolatility Hedged Equity, Actively ManagedMar 31, 20210.79%11.4%N/A0.5%-18.2%
AUGZTrueShares Structured Outcome (August) ETFVolatility Hedged EquityJul 31, 20200.79%7.5%N/A0.4%-15.7%
AZAJAllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer10 Jan ETFVolatility Hedged Equity, Actively ManagedJan 4, 20210.74%11.0%N/A0.0%-16.2%
AZALAllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer10 Jul ETFVolatility Hedged Equity, Actively ManagedJun 30, 20200.74%11.5%N/A0.0%-11.5%
AZBAAllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 Apr ETFVolatility Hedged Equity, Actively ManagedMay 28, 20200.74%6.5%N/A0.0%-9.1%
AZBJAllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 Jan ETFVolatility Hedged Equity, Actively ManagedDec 31, 20200.74%8.9%N/A0.0%-9.7%
AZBLAllianzIM U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 Jul ETFVolatility Hedged Equity, Actively ManagedJun 30, 20200.74%9.1%N/A0.0%-6.5%
BALTInnovator Defined Wealth Shield ETFVolatility Hedged Equity, Actively ManagedJul 1, 20210.69%4.4%N/A0.0%-2.2%
BAPRInnovator U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - AprilVolatility Hedged EquityApr 1, 20190.79%11.7%N/A0.0%-23.9%
BAUGInnovator U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - AugustVolatility Hedged EquityAug 1, 20190.79%9.1%N/A0.0%-24.2%
BDECInnovator U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - DecemberVolatility Hedged EquityDec 1, 20190.79%8.5%N/A0.0%-25.6%
BJANInnovator U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - JanuaryVolatility Hedged EquityJan 2, 20190.79%9.8%N/A0.0%-26.9%
BJULInnovator U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - JulyVolatility Hedged EquityAug 29, 20180.79%10.4%5.8%0.0%-24.0%
BJUNInnovator U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - JuneVolatility Hedged EquityJun 3, 20190.79%6.2%N/A0.0%-22.7%
BMARInnovator U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - MarchVolatility Hedged EquityMar 2, 20200.79%11.6%N/A0.0%-21.4%
BMAYInnovator U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - MayVolatility Hedged EquityMay 1, 20200.79%6.0%N/A0.0%-17.7%
BNOVInnovator U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - NovemberVolatility Hedged EquityNov 1, 20190.79%8.4%N/A0.0%-24.7%
BOCTInnovator U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - OctoberVolatility Hedged EquityOct 1, 20180.79%10.4%N/A0.0%-24.5%
BSEPInnovator U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - SeptemberVolatility Hedged EquitySep 3, 20190.79%9.7%N/A0.0%-24.0%
BUFDFT Cboe Vest Fund of Deep Buffer ETFVolatility Hedged Equity, Actively ManagedJan 20, 20211.05%7.1%N/A0.0%-10.8%

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