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The Best Preferred Stock/Convertible Bonds ETFs

The table below compares the performance and other essential indicators like dividend yield and expense ratio of 19 Preferred Stock/Convertible Bonds ETFs.

Preferred Stock/Convertible Bonds ETFs invest in preferred stocks and convertible bonds, providing investors with exposure to hybrid securities that combine features of stocks and bonds. These ETFs offer potential benefits like higher income compared to common stocks and the possibility of capital appreciation through conversion to common shares. However, they may carry additional risks compared to traditional bond investments.

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Year-to-Date Return

< 0.0%
> 10.0%

10-Year Annualized Return

< 0.0%
> 10.0%

Sharpe Ratio

< 0.0
> 0.1

Omega ratio

< 0.0
> 0.1

Sortino ratio

< 0.0
> 0.1

Calmar ratio

< 0.0
> 0.1

Ulcer Index

< 0.0%
> 10.0%

10Y Volatility

< 0.0%
> 10.0%

Maximum Drawdown

< 0.0%
> 10.0%

Dividend Yield

< 0.0%
> 10.0%
SymbolFull nameCategoryInceptionExpense RatioYTD Ret.10Y Ann. Ret.Div. YieldMax. DrawdownSharpe RatioSortino ratioOmega ratioCalmar ratioUlcer Index
CWBSPDR Bloomberg Barclays Convertible Securities ETFPreferred Stock/Convertible BondsApr 14, 20090.40%7.9%8.6%2.2%-32.1%
EPRFInnovator S&P High Quality Preferred ETFPreferred Stock/Convertible BondsMay 24, 20160.47%3.5%0.6%5.5%-26.8%-
FCVTFirst Trust SSI Strategic Convertible Securities ETFPreferred Stock/Convertible Bonds, Actively ManagedNov 4, 20150.95%0.4%8.2%1.6%-29.9%-0.3-0.41.0-0.53.9%
FPEFirst Trust Preferred Securities & Income ETFPreferred Stock/Convertible Bonds, Actively ManagedFeb 12, 20130.85%0.5%4.5%6.3%-33.4%-0.1-0.11.0-0.17.8%
FPEIFirst Trust Institutional Preferred Securities & Income ETFPreferred Stock/Convertible Bonds, Actively ManagedAug 22, 20170.85%-0.2%2.5%6.0%-27.5%
ICVTiShares Convertible Bond ETFPreferred Stock/Convertible BondsJun 2, 20150.20%8.5%9.2%1.8%-33.3%
PFFiShares Preferred and Income Securities ETFPreferred Stock/Convertible BondsMar 30, 20070.46%4.8%3.7%6.9%-65.6%
PFFAVirtus InfraCap U.S. Preferred Stock ETFPreferred Stock/Convertible Bonds, Actively ManagedMay 15, 20181.47%16.8%4.9%10.1%-70.5%
PFFDGlobal X U.S. Preferred ETFPreferred Stock/Convertible BondsSep 11, 20170.23%3.1%1.2%6.6%-30.9%-0.2-0.21.0-0.27.6%
PFFRInfraCap REIT Preferred ETFPreferred Stock/Convertible Bonds, REITFeb 7, 20170.45%11.1%1.1%7.5%-53.0%
PFFVGlobal X Variable Rate Preferred ETFPreferred Stock/Convertible BondsJun 22, 20200.25%7.4%N/A6.5%-19.0%
PFLDAAM Low Duration Preferred and Income Securities ETF 144APreferred Stock/Convertible BondsNov 19, 20190.45%5.7%N/A5.8%-33.2%
PFXFVanEck Vectors Preferred Securities ex Financials ETFPreferred Stock/Convertible BondsJul 16, 20120.41%7.4%4.8%7.3%-35.5%
PGFInvesco Financial Preferred ETFPreferred Stock/Convertible BondsDec 1, 20060.62%3.6%3.8%5.9%-75.7%-
PGXInvesco Preferred ETFPreferred Stock/Convertible BondsJan 31, 20080.52%4.7%3.7%6.5%-66.4%-0.1-0.11.0-0.17.6%
PREFPrincipal Spectrum Preferred Secs Active ETFPreferred Stock/Convertible Bonds, Actively ManagedJul 10, 20170.55%2.5%2.0%4.7%-23.0%
PSKSPDR ICE Preferred Securities ETFPreferred Stock/Convertible BondsSep 16, 20090.45%6.2%4.0%7.6%-30.1%
SPFFGlobal X SuperIncome Preferred ETFPreferred Stock/Convertible BondsJul 17, 20120.58%-0.8%1.6%7.0%-35.9%-0.4-0.50.9-0.38.8%
VRPInvesco Variable Rate Preferred ETFPreferred Stock/Convertible BondsMay 1, 20140.50%5.6%4.0%5.9%-46.0%

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The Risk vs. Return Scatterplot allows you to quickly compare funds, stocks, and ETFs in one view. It displays the yearly return of an instrument on one axis and the risk (volatility) on the other.

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