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The Best Large Cap Value Equities ETFs

The table below compares the performance and other essential indicators like dividend yield and expense ratio of 33 Large Cap Value Equities ETFs.

Large Cap Value Equities ETFs are exchange-traded funds that invest in large market capitalization companies that are considered undervalued by the market. They typically invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks across different sectors and have lower returns but also less risk compared to other types of ETFs. As a result, they are suitable for long-term investors seeking income through dividends and less volatility in their portfolios. Additionally, they provide diversification which can mitigate the risk of a single issuer.

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Year-to-Date Return


10-Year Annualized Return


Dividend Yield


10Y Volatility


Maximum Drawdown


Sharpe Ratio

SymbolFull nameCategoryInceptionExpense RatioYTD Ret.10Y Ann. Ret.Div. YieldMax. DrawdownSharpe Ratio
REVSColumbia Research Enhanced Value ETFLarge Cap Value EquitiesSep 25, 20190.19%-3.0%7.1%2.5%-37.9%-0.4
SDOGALPS Sector Dividend Dogs ETFLarge Cap Value Equities, DividendJun 29, 20120.40%-4.9%9.1%4.1%-43.6%-0.3
SPDVAAM S&P 500 High Dividend Value ETFLarge Cap Value Equities, DividendNov 28, 20170.29%-7.9%4.8%4.8%-43.8%-0.5
SPVMInvesco S&P 500 Value with Momentum ETFLarge Cap Value EquitiesJun 16, 20110.39%-8.1%9.0%2.5%-45.4%-0.6
SPVUInvesco S&P 500® Enhanced Value ETFLarge Cap Value EquitiesOct 9, 20150.13%-6.3%9.6%2.7%-48.1%-0.5
TEQIT. Rowe Price Equity Income ETFLarge Cap Value Equities, Actively ManagedAug 4, 20200.54%-5.3%12.6%2.5%-17.8%-0.5
ULVMVictoryShares USAA MSCI USA Value Momentum ETFLarge Cap Value EquitiesOct 24, 20170.20%-4.6%5.3%2.4%-40.7%-0.5
VLUEiShares Edge MSCI USA Value Factor ETFLarge Cap Value EquitiesApr 16, 20130.15%-2.6%9.0%3.3%-39.5%-0.5
VONVVanguard Russell 1000 Value ETFLarge Cap Value EquitiesSep 20, 20100.08%-4.0%8.6%2.3%-38.2%-0.4
VOOVVanguard S&P 500 Value ETFLarge Cap Value EquitiesSep 7, 20100.10%0.3%9.6%2.2%-37.3%-0.1
VTVVanguard Value ETFLarge Cap Value EquitiesJan 26, 20040.04%-5.4%10.1%2.7%-59.3%-0.3
VYMVanguard High Dividend Yield ETFDividend, Large Cap Value EquitiesNov 10, 20060.06%-6.2%9.8%3.2%-57.0%-0.3
WTVWisdomTree US Value ETFLarge Cap Value EquitiesFeb 23, 20070.12%-2.7%10.4%2.1%-62.0%-0.3

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