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The Best Foreign Large Cap Equities ETFs

The table below compares the performance and other essential indicators like dividend yield and expense ratio of 122 Foreign Large Cap Equities ETFs. Click on any item in the list to see complete information, including risk and performance analysis.

SymbolFull nameCategoryInceptionExpense RatioYTD Ret.10Y Ann. Ret.Div. Yield
ACWXiShares MSCI ACWI ex U.S. ETFForeign Large Cap EquitiesMar 26, 20080.32%-15.57%4.15%3.77%
AFKVanEck Vectors Africa Index ETFForeign Large Cap EquitiesJul 10, 20080.78%-14.76%-2.55%4.89%
AVDEAvantis International Equity ETFForeign Large Cap EquitiesSep 24, 20190.23%-12.86%4.75%3.35%
AVEMAvantis Emerging Markets Equity ETFForeign Large Cap EquitiesSep 17, 20190.33%-19.89%2.18%3.44%
BBCAJPMorgan BetaBuilders Canada ETFForeign Large Cap EquitiesAug 7, 20180.19%-6.96%7.82%2.54%
BBINJPMorgan BetaBuilders International Equity ETFForeign Large Cap EquitiesDec 5, 20190.07%-13.37%2.39%4.29%
BKIEBNY Mellon International Equity ETFForeign Large Cap EquitiesApr 24, 20200.04%-12.43%11.84%3.37%
CEFAGlobal X S&P Catholic Values Developed ex-U.S. ETFForeign Large Cap EquitiesJun 22, 20200.35%-15.63%5.71%4.38%
CIDVictoryShares International High Div Volatility Wtd ETFForeign Large Cap EquitiesAug 19, 20150.45%-4.37%2.25%6.04%
CILVictoryShares International Volatility Wtd ETFForeign Large Cap EquitiesAug 19, 20150.45%-14.76%4.30%2.72%
CIZVictoryShares Developed Enhanced Volatility Wtd ETFForeign Large Cap EquitiesOct 1, 20140.45%-7.63%0.84%1.95%
CWISPDR MSCI ACWI ex-US ETFForeign Large Cap EquitiesJan 10, 20070.30%-15.17%4.56%3.55%
DBAWXtrackers MSCI All World ex US Hedged Equity ETFForeign Large Cap EquitiesJan 23, 20140.41%-7.40%6.54%1.99%
DDWMWisdomTree Dynamic Currency Hedged International Equity FundForeign Large Cap EquitiesJan 7, 20160.40%0.44%7.20%4.41%
DEEFXtrackers FTSE Developed ex US Multifactor ETFForeign Large Cap EquitiesNov 24, 20150.24%-16.55%4.26%3.73%
DEFAiShares Adaptive Currency Hedged MSCI EAFE ETFForeign Large Cap EquitiesJan 5, 20160.35%12.50%10.53%2.19%
DIMWisdomTree International MidCap Dividend FundForeign Large Cap Equities, DividendJun 16, 20060.58%-14.21%4.94%3.77%
DINTDavis Select International ETFForeign Large Cap Equities, Actively ManagedMar 1, 20180.65%-14.28%-2.22%2.51%
DMDVAAM S&P Developed Markets High Dividend Value ETFForeign Large Cap Equities, DividendNov 27, 20180.39%-8.05%-0.91%5.62%
DMRIDeltaShares S&P International Managed Risk ETFForeign Large Cap EquitiesJul 31, 20170.50%-11.12%0.41%2.96%

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