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The Best Dividend ETFs

The table below compares the performance and other essential indicators like dividend yield and expense ratio of 132 Dividend ETFs.

Dividend ETFs are a type of ETF that invests in a portfolio of stocks that pay dividends. The dividends are then distributed to the shareholders of the ETF. These types of ETFs are popular among investors looking for a steady income stream, as they provide a way to invest in a diversified portfolio of dividend-paying stocks and receive regular dividends. Dividend ETFs can be found in various sectors, such as technology, healthcare, or energy, and can be focused on a specific country or region.

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Year-to-Date Return

< 0.0%
> 10.0%

10-Year Annualized Return

< 0.0%
> 10.0%

Sharpe Ratio

< 0.0
> 0.1

Omega ratio

< 0.0
> 0.1

Sortino ratio

< 0.0
> 0.1

Calmar ratio

< 0.0
> 0.1

Ulcer Index

< 0.0%
> 10.0%

10Y Volatility

< 0.0%
> 10.0%

Maximum Drawdown

< 0.0%
> 10.0%

Dividend Yield

< 0.0%
> 10.0%
SymbolFull nameCategoryInceptionExpense RatioYTD Ret.10Y Ann. Ret.Div. YieldMax. DrawdownSharpe RatioSortino ratioOmega ratioCalmar ratioUlcer Index
ADIVSmartETFs Asia Pacific Dividend Builder ETFAsia Pacific Equities, Actively Managed, DividendMar 29, 20210.78%8.1%N/A3.4%-31.6%
AMNDETRACS Alerian Midstream Energy High Dividend Index ETN due July 19, 2050Energy Equities, DividendJul 15, 20200.75%12.8%N/A6.6%-18.2%
CDLVictoryShares US Large Cap High Dividend Volatility Wtd ETFLarge Cap Value Equities, DividendJul 8, 20150.35%-3.1%N/A3.8%-41.0%-0.4-0.41.0-0.47.9%
CSBVictoryShares US Small Cap High Dividend Volatility Wtd ETFSmall Cap Blend Equities, DividendJul 8, 20150.35%1.1%N/A3.9%-42.1%-0.2-0.11.0-0.210.8%
DDIVFirst Trust Dorsey Wright Momentum & Dividend ETFAll Cap Equities, DividendMar 10, 20140.60%2.2%N/A3.8%-47.6%-0.2-0.11.0-0.27.7%
DESWisdomTree U.S. SmallCap Dividend FundSmall Cap Blend Equities, DividendJun 16, 20060.38%4.7%5.7%3.0%-65.5%-
DEWWisdomTree Global High Dividend FundLarge Cap Value Equities, DividendJun 16, 20060.58%2.8%3.8%4.5%-65.6%
DFEWisdomTree Europe SmallCap Dividend FundEurope Equities, DividendJun 16, 20060.58%5.6%3.8%5.4%-69.4%
DFJWisdomTree Japan SmallCap Dividend FundJapan Equities, DividendJun 16, 20060.58%14.2%5.5%2.7%-46.0%
DFNDSiren DIVCON Dividend Defender ETFLarge Cap Blend Equities, DividendJan 14, 20161.50%16.6%N/A1.8%-22.7%
DGREWisdomTree Emerging Markets Quality Dividend Growth FundEmerging Markets Equities, Actively Managed, DividendAug 1, 20130.32%10.1%1.8%1.7%-37.0%
DGROiShares Core Dividend Growth ETFLarge Cap Growth Equities, DividendJun 10, 20140.08%4.2%N/A2.5%-35.1%
DGRSWisdomTree US Smallcap Quality Dividend Growth FundSmall Cap Blend Equities, DividendJul 25, 20130.38%7.9%6.7%2.7%-44.8%
DGRWWisdomTree U.S. Dividend Growth FundLarge Cap Growth Equities, DividendMay 22, 20130.28%12.7%11.7%1.9%-32.0%
DHSWisdomTree US High Dividend FundLarge Cap Value Equities, DividendJun 16, 20060.38%-6.1%7.4%4.5%-67.3%-0.6-0.70.9-0.68.0%
DIMWisdomTree International MidCap Dividend FundForeign Large Cap Equities, DividendJun 16, 20060.58%8.8%3.3%4.7%-61.5%
DIVBiShares U.S. Dividend and Buyback ETFLarge Cap Blend Equities, DividendNov 7, 20170.25%4.6%N/A3.1%-36.9%
DIVOAmplify CWP Enhanced Dividend Income ETFLarge Cap Blend Equities, Actively Managed, DividendDec 14, 20160.55%2.5%N/A4.9%-30.0%
DIVSSmartETFs Dividend Builder ETFGlobal Equities, Actively Managed, DividendMar 29, 20210.65%10.4%N/A5.4%-20.7%
DJDInvesco Dow Jones Industrial Average Dividend ETFLarge Cap Blend Equities, DividendDec 16, 20150.07%0.7%N/A3.7%-34.7%-0.2-0.21.0-0.25.4%

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The Risk vs. Return Scatterplot allows you to quickly compare funds, stocks, and ETFs in one view. It displays the yearly return of an instrument on one axis and the risk (volatility) on the other.

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