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The Best Actively Managed ETFs

The table below compares the performance and other essential indicators like dividend yield and expense ratio of 506 Actively Managed ETFs.

Active ETFs are managed by a portfolio manager or team of managers who actively select and adjust the holdings in the fund rather than tracking a particular index. This means that the fund's holdings are based on the manager's investment strategy and research rather than simply following the performance of a specific index.

Active ETFs may be used to achieve a specific investment objective, such as growth, income, or capital preservation. Active ETF managers use their expertise and judgment to identify and invest in securities they believe will perform well. They may also use investment strategies such as short selling, derivatives, or leverage to achieve their investment objectives.

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Year-to-Date Return


10-Year Annualized Return


Dividend Yield


10Y Volatility


Maximum Drawdown


Sharpe Ratio

SymbolFull nameCategoryInceptionExpense RatioYTD Ret.10Y Ann. Ret.Div. YieldMax. DrawdownSharpe Ratio
AAAAAF First Priority CLO Bond ETFCorporate Bonds, Actively ManagedSep 9, 20200.25%1.8%1.2%4.2%-2.6%1.1
AADRAdvisorShares Dorsey Wright ADR ETFGlobal Equities, Actively ManagedJul 20, 20101.10%0.0%5.1%3.7%-45.0%-0.8
ABEQAbsolute Core Strategy ETFAll Cap Equities, Actively ManagedJan 21, 20200.85%0.4%4.4%1.2%-27.8%-0.4
ACIOAptus Collared Income Opportunity ETFDiversified Portfolio, Actively ManagedJul 10, 20190.79%4.9%6.4%1.6%-14.2%-0.3
ACTVLeaderShares Activist Leaders ETFGlobal Equities, Actively ManagedOct 27, 20200.75%1.9%11.8%0.3%-28.7%-0.7
ACVFAmerican Conservative Values ETFLarge Cap Blend Equities, Actively ManagedOct 29, 20200.75%6.2%11.9%1.1%-24.4%-0.3
ADIVSmartETFs Asia Pacific Dividend Builder ETFAsia Pacific Equities, Actively Managed, DividendMar 29, 20210.78%4.7%-6.6%3.1%-31.6%-0.5
AESRAnfield U.S. Equity Sector Rotation ETFLarge Cap Growth Equities, Actively ManagedDec 17, 20191.46%5.0%8.5%0.7%-31.1%-0.5
AFIFAnfield Universal Fixed Income ETFTotal Bond Market, Actively ManagedSep 18, 20181.23%1.4%-0.6%4.5%-10.3%-0.2
AFMCFirst Trust Active Factor Mid Cap ETFSmall Cap Blend Equities, Actively ManagedDec 3, 20190.65%4.4%5.8%1.4%-42.1%-0.3
AFSMFirst Trust Active Factor Small Cap ETFSmall Cap Blend Equities, Actively ManagedDec 3, 20190.77%2.9%5.4%1.4%-43.5%-0.4
AGOVGavekal Asia Pacific Government Bond ETFGovernment Bonds, Actively ManagedJul 21, 20210.50%-1.5%-12.3%2.2%-25.5%-0.3
AGOXAdaptive Alpha Opportunities ETFTactical Allocation, Actively ManagedSep 20, 20121.69%6.3%-4.4%0.2%-27.7%-0.4
AIEQAI Powered Equity ETFLarge Cap Growth Equities, Actively ManagedOct 17, 20170.80%2.6%5.1%0.4%-36.8%-0.7
AIIQAI Powered International Equity ETFGlobal Equities, Actively ManagedJun 5, 20180.79%-23.4%1.3%101.9%-36.7%-1.4
AMOMQRAFT AI-Enhanced U.S. Large Cap Momentum ETFLarge Cap Growth Equities, Actively ManagedMay 21, 20190.75%8.1%11.2%0.8%-40.0%-0.1
AMZAInfraCap MLP ETFMLPs, Actively ManagedOct 7, 20142.01%3.4%-8.5%10.6%-91.5%0.4
APRZTrueShares Structured Outcome (April) ETFVolatility Hedged Equity, Actively ManagedMar 31, 20210.79%8.5%4.4%0.5%-18.2%-0.0
ARCMArrow Reserve Capital Management ETFMoney Market, Actively ManagedMar 31, 20170.50%1.0%1.2%1.7%-4.1%1.6
ARKFARK Fintech Innovation ETFLarge Cap Growth Equities, Actively Managed, InnovationFeb 4, 20190.75%31.8%-1.6%0.0%-78.6%-0.6

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Risk vs. Return Scatterplot

The Risk vs. Return Scatterplot allows you to quickly compare funds, stocks, and ETFs in one view. It displays the yearly return of an instrument on one axis and the risk (volatility) on the other.

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